20 years ago, my good friend, Harper Jaten co-opted the Bad Religion song, “Generator,” to use as a term to describe a person who stands up and gets to work making the thing they want to make. To be a Generator was to be a person who ignites a fuse, the inciting motivator of creation.

It can seem that the only way to get something made is to continuously knock on the door of someone of influence and power and hope that they anoint you, play advocate, and usher you onto the stage, to legitimize you. But growing up listening to punk, we were infused with a belief in something different, that there was a better road forward, to simply do it yourself. The size of the stage is far less important than maintaining a purity of intention. 

So, way back in 1997, we got together with some friends, and we made our own comic books. We did everything. We wrote, drew, inked, Zip-a-Toned, lettered, published, and distributed them. We gave all of our free time over to making them. And I could never stop, not one year since then; I've been making comic books for 20 solid years now.

So, you know, that's the meaning behind my new, somewhat self-congratulatory studio name, GIANT GENERATOR. Itʼs a name that serves as a reminder of what I set out to do, of why I wanted to make my own comic books with like-minded people, of why it's important to generate in a world where most everyone prefers to parrot the songs of someone else. Itʼs a studio focused on grabbing that initial spark, that initial moment of excitement when an idea forms, and feeding its flames -- building it and creating something real out of it.

Giant Generator is a studio dedicated to collaboration, co-ownership, and innovation, to produce art and stories from unique, personal and strange sparks, to create from a place of passion, mindless of trends or the mainstream spotlight, to making the books, shows, films and toys we want to make the way we want to make them.

To generate.
Thank you for supporting our efforts,

Rick Remender